Membership Info

Uitsig is a thriving club with close to 500 members and an active participant in the Northerns Squash League with 24 sides; played over 18 weeks durong the year. We also host 6 – 8 tournaments.

We encourage membership and participation, but members need to bear in mind we are an excessively busy and thriving club with a lot of activity. Albeit we do try free up a court every day they may not necessarily be readily available. Courts are generally free in the mornings, Fridays and Weekends.

Prospect members must take this into consideration.

The Uitsig Squash Club offers membership which affords the member preferential access and reduced playing fees. Membership is subject to the Terms and Conditions and the Rules, Regulations and Constitution of the Uitsig Squash Club.

Uitsig Squash Club currently offers five membership types: Premium, Business, Day, Student and Scholar.

Please note: Memberships have varying conditions and restrictions! See "Membership Types" for a description of the membership types.

All league players (Junior to Senior) must join and pay the SA Registration Fee. Senior members must hold a Premium Membership to qualify for league selection.




League Players


League Sides




Cost: Pro-rata based on annual calendar
  Per Annum Per Month
Scholar R720,00 R60,00
Student R840,00 R70,00
Day R1320,00 R110,00
Business (minimum 5 members) R1400,00 Payable up front
Premium R1920,00 R160,00
Cost: Once off and payable up front
New Member Administration and Card Fee R150,00
Card Replacement fee R50,00
Startup Lights Account R50,00
Court Usage: per 45 Min Session
Lights if partner is a member (Shared) R10,00
Lights if partner is a member (Not shared) R20,00
Early Bird (05h00 to 08h00) 40% off normal price
Lights if partner is a guest R60,00
No show penalty
(per 45 minutes booked)
Peak R25,00 + Lights
Normal R5,00 + Lights
Booking on-line (SMS for own account) No Charge
Booking Cancellation (Peak Time only) R 2,00
Visitors (per 45 minutes, including lights) R80,00
League and SA Squash
Cost: Per person per season
Participation in the Northerns League R650,00
SA Squash Registration R150,00
Uitsig Squash Academy R1 250,00


Terms of Payment

  • Membership fees are payable as on the 1st of January.
  • The only accepted method of payment is by debit order (see debit order notice) or once off EFT.
  • Defaulters will be struck from the Club database and made inactive.
  • Defaulters wishing to rejoin will be considered new members.
  • Banking Details

  • Please send proof of payment with your name to
  • Account Name: Uitsig Squash Club
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account Type: Current
  • Account No: 012303240
  • Branch Code: 012645
  • Membership Forms

    • Download and Complete the Club Application Form and the Debit Order Form and mail it to us at
    • After submitting your application wait 2-4 working days for acceptance.
    • Collect your membership card from the club kiosk between 17h00-21h00 Mon-Thurs or 12h00-16h00 on Saturdays.
    • Book a court and play squash.