Winter League Results: Season 2016

It’s done, Season 2016 is over. 23 sides, 138 players, 1 426 matches later and Uitsig can rightfully be proud of another successful season.

As you know me, stats play a role and so here are some more interesting statistics, so enjoy the read!

• Winning ratio: 58% (827 / 1 426 matches)
• Average games won per match: 2.17 (This is critical. Even in losing our matches we average 2 games per match, so the players fought for every point)
• Of the top 20 Men’s players
o 5 are school going
o 6 are USA squad members
o Our entire 1st league made the top 20
o Congrats to Craig on finishing top, but it was only decided in the last match of the season!

The Woody Kaiser, subject to ratification, is where it belongs.
• Below are 2016 v 2015 results

Broken down by night
• Our UTNL squad (1st to 4th) ran away with their evening with
o 2 x 1st places
o 1 x 2nd place
o 2 x 3rd places
• Congrats to the 1st league running away with a 49 point gap
• Our reserve league sides were as exceptional with a 1st and tied 2nd (edged into 3rd on a count out)
• So we will see 2 x 1st league and 2 x Res league 2017
• Woody Kaiser points

• Our Tuesday night (5th to 9th) also excelled
o 1 x 1st place
o 1 x 2nd place
o 2 x 3rd place
• Woody Kaiser points

• Thursday night was all about the young and new ones and was a great test
o 1 x 1st place
o 1 x 2nd place
o Congrats to 12th league with players aged 9, 11, 13 at the beginning of the season winning 18 / 18 matches and the only unbeaten side this season
• Woody Kaiser points

The Ladies did a great job being thrown into the deep end with a 1st league for the first time in a while and 2 x Reserve leagues.
• Uitsig enjoyed the highest representation of ladies with 5 sides and 32 players!
• 1 in 3 players are school going…so the future is bright
• 10 ladies played in their debut season so again, Uitsig is driving the growth in ladies squash. Let’s keep up the momentum and make Wednesday, Ladies Night Out!
• 1st league came a credible 2nd and Elani boasts the best results in the club with 16 / 16 wins and only 2 games dropped the entire season. She certainly stands in line to being one of the top 3 league players in Northerns this year.
• Unfortunately we have lost the Twins for next season but I know they will be back “home” upon their return from the States.

Ok all, that’s it for now, thank you for a fantastic season and please pen these dates – Q4 is going to keep you busy
• 23 Sep – 30 Sep : World Masters in Jhb
• 08 Oct – 22 Oct : Club Champs. Watch the website for entries
• 25 Oct – 09 Dec : Summer League. Watch the website for entries
• 04 Nov : NSA Awards function. League Winners and Runners Up invited to attend
• 28 Nov – 03 Dec : Strawberry Pot Doubles. Open to all
• 09 Dec : Uitsig Awards Function. All are invited

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