Uitsig Squash Club launches MUSA

Uitsig Squash Club launches MUSA

The development of the Masters Uitsig Squash Academy (MUSA) was the brainchild of our honorary member, Alan Courtney, after recognizing that the general member of Uitsig Squash Club rarely gets the opportunity to interact and gain some invaluable time and lessons from top playing members.

There is an abundance of talent coming through our junior ranks with the now well renowned Uitsig Squash Academy supporting talent under the age of 30. Not undermining this investment, which is necessary for the future of squash in any club, province and country, it was felt that the ordinary league playing member will also benefit from the exposure to top league players.

The unprecedented growth of Uitsig to be one of the most successful clubs in terms of members and league participation and with the support of the leadership team it became necessary to keep involving and assisting as many members as possible.

MUSA will be spearheaded by Alan Courtney operating under the supervision of the Uitsig Squash Committee. Our top league players, as part of giving back to the club, and having represented their club at 1st league level and in a lot of cases played at provincial and national level, will assist with the programme.

Selection Criteria
• Players must be over the age of 30 and actively represent Uitsig Squash Club in Winter League
• Groups are limited to 12 players per group

Groups are divided based on their league nights, matching skills and ability accordingly.
• Monday Night Group: players representing 10th to 14th league
• Tuesday Night Group: players representing 5th to 9th league
• Thursday Night Group: players representing Reserve to 4th league
• Ladies Night Group: players representing 1st, Reserve and 2nd league

Groups will be trained in line with their group skill consisting of:
• technical skills, match simulation routines
• fitness programmes, flexibility and stretching
• solo training programmes

Training Times
• 1 Saturday per month running from February to August
• Sessions will last 2 hours broken up as follows:
o 90 min of training under the guidance of the allocated coach
o 30 min of match simulation

In line with the goals of the USA, Uitsig strives to giving all its members the opportunity to grow as a player, team member, club man and squash ambassador.

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