Playing Squash

Northerns League

Mid-February to Mid-September


Download the Winter League Brief 2019


Uitsig is proud to field 20 Men's teams and 6 Women's teams in the Northerns League for 2018. We are well known to be great competitors and excellent hosts.

League Night Captains:

With teams at all levels, from 1st to 14th league we encourage members of all abilities to play league, interact with like-minded players and compete for the coveted Woody Kaiser Trophy (Club of the Year).

Furthermore the Northerns League is the best platform to improve your game because of the variety of styles you face every week plus it also gives you the extra motivation to improve your game. The bonus is you get to know the people in your team so it's easy to organize social games with members of similar standard.

Managed by four committed league night captains, the season starts in February and runs until September with fixtures being played on weekdays, alternating between home and away games. The home team is expected to provide a small meal and drinks to the visiting team so it's a great way to get to know squash players from different parts of the province. The club provides fires for those wanting to enjoy the atmosphere and aroma of wors rolls or hamburgers.

Satellite Series

January 2016

An event that will assist in finalizing the teams for Winter League 2016; We encourage you to enter if you are wishing to play Winter League.

The purpose of the Series is to:

  • Continue the good work gained from the 2015 Club Champs
  • Begin to get fitness levels up coming out of the Xmas break
  • Keep solidifying the ladder positions
  • Keep up the club camaraderie

This series is targeted at players wishing to play league from 1st to 14th and although not compulsory, it is encouraged as not entering may result you not playing in your desired league.

The commitment is to play up to 5/6 matches within a 3 weeks from 09 to 31 Jan.

No entry fees are applicable but players will be responsible for their own lights, balls and inputting of results.

  • Players will be split into groups of similar strength.
  • Own marking and Green dot ball to be used.
  • Best of 5 games with PAR15 unless agreed to play PAR11.
  • Games are counted per match. Pool positions are based on games won (not just matches), so play for every game!
  • Each match may be considered a challenge however the overall pool result will be a major determining factor of ladder and league team
  • During the Series, normal challenges as per the club challenge rules will cease.

Results of the pools (being round robin) will have an influence on the team selection so consistency is keys and forced challenges can be asked for after the Series to clarify any positions.

Note: League sides are NOT picked purely based on ladder position. Ladder position does have a higher weighting (70%) but team dynamics (20%) and 2015 results (10%) are taken into consideration.

Doubles Tournament

Strawberry Pot Doubles 2017

Strawberry Pot Doubles Results
Strawberry Pot Doubles Fianl Logs

May 2015

As you are aware doubles is becoming more and more popular and Uitsig have taken on the opportunity to run the Uitsig Open Doubles Tournament.

With Uitsig being part of the Centurion squash community we also extend the invite to all Centurion clubs making this event a great way to meet the 'neighbourhood'.

In line with promoting the game of squash and a making this a family friendly event we encourage Men and Ladies to enter as well as Juniors; and therefore have 3 Sections.

  • Main Section incorporating Men & Mixed Teams
  • Ladies Section catering for those ladies that prefer to paly amongst themselves
  • Juniors (for Grade 3 – 7); introducing the game of doubles

League 2017

Customer Loyalty League 2016

League 2015

Summer League Rules
Results, Teams, Fixtures
  • Commences 11 September.
  • Only 56 places available.
  • Only R120
  • 8 Teams

This internal event aims to further strengthen the vision of the club, entrench and create squash friendships amongst new and older members, keep your legs turning and burning and most importantly to have fun. As entries are limited we urge you enter ASAP. Before entering though, please read the concept of the league below and ensure you can commit to the 7 weeks to maintain team spirit and continuity.

Days / Times
11 Sept – 02 Oct Every Thursday 8 Teams Lights A team member committed to playing each week A player who can assist when a team member is N/A 25 minute continuous match playing similar strength. Accumulate points for your team
30 Oct – 14 Nov 18h00 to 21h30 56 Players Balls
Other Events This is a fun league tied in with some good squash and thus some evenings will be themed gaining bonus points for your team, e.g. Lumo socks night.
Braai's Fires will be available and braai packs on sale each week to fill those hungry tummies
Entertainment Each Team has a chance to host an evening cumulating to a fun awards / lucky draw each night. The better the involvement the more fun it becomes.
Lucky Draws Each team will need to create a luck draw hamper of any sorts on their host evening and sell tickets (R10 each) to raise money for the club.
Family This is a social league so bring family and friends to come and enjoy the festivities and savour what Uitsig is all about
Final Evening 14 Nov and scheduled for a Friday so book this out and perhaps you will be crowned the 1st Summer League Champions.

So there you have it, a snippet of what is to come.

Club Championship 2017

2017 Club Champions

  • Andrew Martin: Men's Champion 2017 – Runner Up: Craig Stephens
  • Jeanine v Eyssen: Ladies Champion 2017 – Runner Up: Valme Webster
  • Louis Henning: Gold Winner
  • Luhann Groenewald: Silver Winner
  • Jesse Lessing: Bronze Winner
  • Warren Mallon: Copper Winner
  • Catelin Robson: Gold Winner

Club Champs 2016

2016 Club Champions

  • Andrew Martin: Men's Champion 2016 – Runner Up: Craig Stephens
  • Karla Hunt: Ladies Champion 2016 – Runner Up: Sharon Cousins
  • Gertzen Schlemmer: Gold Winner
  • Brenden Smit: Silver Winner
  • Rounen de Beer: Bronze Winner
  • Adriaan Coetzee: Copper Winner
  • Catelin Robson: Gold Winner

2015 Club Champions

  • Men's Champion Platinum Section: Mike Tootill
  • Ladies Champion Platinum Section: Beandri van Loggerenberg
  • Men's Champion Gold Section: Phillip Earle
  • Men's Champion Silver Section: Tyron Bennett

2014 Club Champions

  • Men's Champion Platinum Section: Mike Tootill
  • Ladies Champion Platinum Section: Sharon Cousins
  • Men's Champion Silver Section: Brandon Allner
  • Men's Champion Bronze Section: Damian Groenewald
  • Men's Champion Copper Section: Werner Pretorius

2013 Club Champions

  • Men's Champion: Mike Tootill
  • Ladies Champion: Sharon Cousins
  • Top Junior Male: Nico Ras
  • Top Junior Female: Marizanne Nel

Revival of the Duel: Kentron v Uitsig

After many years in the wilderness Kentron took it upon themselves to revive the annual duel between two rival clubs that truly epitomises the great game of squash.

This fiercely contested event draws players of similar strength against each other; adding up games won to decide the eventual winner.

Saturday 11 October was D-day as 32 players converged at Kentron Squash Club for a Battle Day to be remembered for many. Players ranging from 2nd to 14th league were pitted against each other over 16 matches with plenty at stake.

It was memorable to see 2nd league players cheering on 14th league (an experience not known in normal circles) and was a fantastic advertisement of team spirit from both clubs.

6 hours of blood, sweat and cheers and the end result was victory to Uitsig … notwithstanding the warning of sweet revenge in 2015 by Kentron.

Rounded off with the traditional braai and ice cold frosties' the Duel is here to stay and well done Kentron on this wonderful initiative.

Social Saturdays

09 Aug / 13 Sept / 22 Nov / 06 Dec

Social squash is played every second Saturday of the month from 13h00-16h00. An open day where courts are made available to all members at no cost; Social Saturday allows members to mix with each other and the organisers ensure that players across various strengths play against each other.

Members are also encouraged to bring along non-members and friends and introduce them the wonderful game and the club.

Different formats are played depending on the turnout from continuous play to doubles to best of 3 etc.

Social Saturdays are an opportunity to keep fit and enjoy a cold one over a fire – so bring your own meat.

Double Trouble Tournament

April 2017

An exciting concept introduced in the early 2000 in Port Elizabeth, the tournament has come to Uitsig. Playing in teams of two the tournament musters up not only your fitness and endurance but tenacity and ability to work as a team.

Each tie consists of 3 matches namely: 1 x doubles and 2 x single matches played against the clock! The total games won are added to determine the winners.

The success story of the inaugural tournament held in 2013 resulted in 4 playing sections being created and to add to the fun prizes are awarded to the best dressed team, most innovative team name and the team that showed the most 'gees'.

So if you want some real fun and enjoyment, don't miss out of this tournament held in February every year.